Intelligent Dispatching

Based on intelligent telematics and automatic driving technology, ChainwayTSP has developed an integrated new energy dispatching service platform for transportation sharing and resource dispatching, with unique intelligent vehicle dispatching algorithm to help short-distance dispatching fleet ensure safety, reduce costs, improve management efficiency and increase economic benefits.

Provide intelligent, efficient and integrated service to distribute the “last kilometer” for the city
  • Real-time monitoring

  • Intelligent dispatching

  • Integrated automatic settlement

  • Intelligent route planning

  • Customized report

Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Improved ant colony algorithm adopted by the dispatching platform has considered the location of goods, customer and vehicle, as well as delivery time and status of goods and traffic. Under constraints of capacity, distance, time window and simultaneous delivery, customer waiting time is introduced into the state transition rules to optimize time, customer requirements and accuracy.

Accurate scheduling and dispatching result within 0.1 seconds
Transport Resource Sharing

Full-process intelligent dispatching platform: B-B-C mode supports multiple shippers and carriers.
Dispatching network: Initiate dispatching in public transportation way, and test an dispatching bus plan by combining sorting relays with terminal storage and end-to-end dispatching.
Maximization of profits: The remaining vehicle mileage and time after service completion will be reasonably dispatched and utilized through a transport resource sharing pool.

Dispatching project for Northwest Heavy Cargo Operation Center of JD Household Electric Appliances
  • Background
  • Goals
  • Operation measure
  • Result

The Center responsible for dispatching household electric appliances in northwest region lacks informationalized approaches such as order sorting, route optimization, intelligent dispatching management and scheduling, and full-process standardized management.
In April 2018, we officially cooperated with the Center in Qujiang of Xi’an, realizing efficient scheduling via the intelligent dispatching platform and ensuring safety with standardized management.


● Use intelligent dispatching platform to optimize every dispatching link

● Use full-process standardized management to ensure safety.

● Comprehensively improve carrier assessment standards

● Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Operation service and measure

Intelligent dispatching platform (order sorting, route optimization, intelligent dispatching management and intelligent scheduling) + Full-process standardized management (fleet manager accountability system) + Rigorous control over carriers


By June 2018, more than 10000 pieces have been dispatched without any loss, complaint or assessment accidents. During 618 promotion period, 50 vehicles were dispatched, successfully fulfilling the 2018 JD “618” Carriage Task with the integrated carriage assessment rate ranking top 3.

Service Domains
  • Strategic Vehicle Carrier Partner of 58 Express;

    Vehicle Enablement Strategic Partner of Junsheng Group and Lvtian Distribution;

    In-depth Strategic Marketing Partner of Chengdu Yajun, Chongqing Xinyuan and Shaanxi Tongjia;

    Strategic Partner of Telai Power Station in Integrated Charging Preparation and Marketing Service

  • As a dispatching branch and pilot zone for terminal distribution, new energy trucks are used on 58 Express to provide warehouse transfer and terminal dispatching in Xi’an for JD, Guomei, SF and other distribution enterprises. A 2000 m2 dispatching and sorting center is built to perform secondary classified dispatching of goods in the same category, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Completed dispatching for Coco Cola under COFCO in Yongchuan, Chongqing; established a timely optimal dispatching system focusing on fast consumed beverage; integrated with other beverage brands, wines and fast consumable products to develop other dispatching channels for fast consumable products.

  • Serve telecom carriers and Najing Jiahua, and explore transportation enablement application scenes for non-distribution customers in TO B industry; Establish independent TO C carriage fleet to serve on 58 Express, Huolala, Yunniao and other platforms, providing guidance for TO B business enablement in free time.

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