Cooperation and Ecology

In the IOT era, the new telematics and urban transportation will be the most promising industry in the next five years. As a leading telematics intelligent transportation cloud service provider, ChainwayTSP is working together with Huawei to build an intelligent global transportation ecosystem. We are willing to share the prosperity and quality resources with our partners, with diverse, open and in-depth cooperation, to maximize the capabilities and values of multiple parties, and help our partners achieve higher business returns.

Experienced Industrial Background

It is the world’s leading Telematics intelligent transportation enterprise.The founding team has 2 successful entrepreneurial experiences., more than ten-year abundant experience in the Telematics intelligent transportation,with outstanding insight and foresight.

Outstanding Project Experience

The products and services are widely used in various industries such as insurance, distribution, governments and enterprises, automobile factories, auto sales, auto financing and leasing. With end-to-end solution, the company has developed over 50 big projects both at home and abroad.

Leading Research and Development Strength

With independent hardware product design ability and advanced research and development ability. Its its R&D has more than 10 years of experience in product design, platform construction, big data and labeling.

Global Completion Service

The experienced operation team can deeply integrate different industries, making ChainwayTSP become a top service provider in China with capability of landing and running business in more than 100 countries.

Powerful Resource Integration

Depending on HUAWEI Cloud, more application scenes and industrial resources have been integrated to meet various demands of customers and provide one-stop solutions.

Partner Support

Business Support

The partners have exclusive business development managers to provide service and business support.

Marketing Support

Extensive media propagation support; offline product seminar, salons, large exhibition and extensive marketing opportunities; and various marketing promotion materials.

Technical Support

Relying on technical research and development teams to meet customers’ personalized demands, and have leading advantages in the vertical markets.

Operation Support

Tailor-made advice from headquarters operation experts, providing partners with quality operational services and support.

Training Support

Systemic products and business enablement training to quickly enhance the operation and service capability of partners.

Resource Support

Share industrial resources to realize capability exchanges and provide partners with more business development opportunities.

Business Ecosystem

In the telematics intelligent transportation field, the integration of related service sales play a facilitating role. ChainwayTSP will work together with partners to control life cycles and operating cycles of different products and services for constant changes so as to form the telematics “business ecosystem” with repeated sales.

Logistics fleet management
Fine fuel consumption management and driving safety management

ChainwayTSP fleet management system carries out management of distribution fleet’s mileage, fuel consumption and driving safety to provide safe, economic and efficient management service.

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Government and enterprise fleet management
Eliminate use of vehicles for private purposes to reduce operating costs

Fine government and enterprise fleet management service is provided to regulate vehicle use, eliminate vehicles used for private purposes, reduce the high cost of administration vehicles, form a benign corporate culture and promote efficient operation of the overall work

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Rental fleet management
Real-time positioned tracking and accurate mileage charging

Based on the business characteristics and management demands of enterprises, various on-board terminals are combined to realize real-time position tracking, track inquiry, mileage charging and driving behavior monitoring to help enterprises manage and operate rental vehicles efficiently.

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Risk management
Fleet safety management

By identifying and warning every dangerous driving behavior, giving voice prompt on behaviors such as phone calls, smoking and dozing, and uploading photos to the cloud service system, the fleet safety management is transformed from passive management to active defense.

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Ministry-standard factory access
Dock service providers with auto factory resources

With an in-depth cooperation with Dongfeng, SAIC Red Rock, Shaanxi Auto, Futian Oman, FAW Jiefang, Valin, Jianghuai, Chongqing Automobile, etc., ChainwayTSP will use its existing resources to conduct original equipment access business with partners in different places.

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Public insurance
Customized insurance for special vehicles

Provide risk protection services that cannot be covered by current commercial insurance to meet special vehicle protection needs. Based on the insurance telematics technology, the pricing of insurance by driving behavior risk is more accurate than traditional insurance premium.

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Truck rental and leasing
Upgrade distribution vehicle service

Users can rent or change vehicles according to their service characteristics via rental or leasing to ease capital stress and enjoy more flexible transportation.

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Core Partners

Joining Process

Understand and agree with Chainway's vision

Apply to be a partner of ChainwayTSP

Finish partner qualification certification

Sign partner strategic plans

Develop business cooperation as partners

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