Business Center

  • Fleet Management

    Provide customized fleet management solutions for fleets in different industries; realize dynamic monitoring and management of fleet operation through matching analysis of multi-dimensional data and information such as vehicle location, vehicle properties , driving factors and drivers; help fleets improve management level and reduce operation cost.

  • Insurance Telematics

    Use UBI technology and a variety of intelligent hardware access approaches to collect real-time vehicle status and users’ driving behavior data. Meanwhile, match insurance-related data for big data cleaning, analysis and modeling.


    Connected Car

    Provide carriers with intelligent 4GOBD-based travel solutions, which uses multifunctional 4GOBD devices to provide C-end markets (vehicle drivers) with value-added services, carrying out flow service charging and other cooperative services to enhance user loyalty, and complete service innovation, so as to form a mutually beneficial cooperation mode.


The priority selection partner of Huawei cloud

  • 6+


    Widely used in distribution, governments and enterprises, insurance, auto intelligent travel, intelligent distribution, auto rental and other industries.

  • 11+


    Distribution fleet management, government and enterprise fleet management, rental fleet management, vehicle insurance charging by mileage, insurance UBI, loan and risk control, rental vehicles and so on.

  • 490+


    Relying on Huawei Cloud, it connects more application scenarios and industries to provide operation solutions that meet the needs of the new generation intelligent transportation .


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