Comprehensive and Favorable Salaries and Benefits

Competitive salary; End-of-year bonus based on operating performance and actual situations; Payment of social security funds and other benefits for working employees; All-day snack and coffee supply; Afternoon tea twice a week; Birthday gifts, and holiday gifts.

Job Recruitment

Recruited position Type of position Number of recruitment Workplace Data of release
Fleet Manager Manager 1 person Shenzhen 2018-08-13
Job Description:

1. Assist the WUT (Wuhan University of Technology) Intelligent Transportation System Research Center in compiling teaching materials for fleet managers;

2. Prepare the training and assessment process of fleet managers, and lead the training and assessment tasks;

3. Work out fleet management policies and plan fleet activities to effectively optimize driving behaviors of drivers based on fleet management plans;

4. Participate in the company's fleet management projects and deliver management cases;

5. Study and summarize foreign fleet management experience and constantly optimize the existing schemes.

Job Qualification:

1. Education background at university degree or above, 1 year of related working experience, communications and distribution industry practitioner preferred;

2. Good logic thinking ability and excellent speaking ability;

3. Good capability in communication, coordination and summarization, considerable writing skills;

4. Good communication and reading skills in English;

5. Be able to work independently and accept international trips.

6. PMP certificate holder preferred

Resume Submission
Sales Manager Sales 7 person Shenzhen 2018-08-11
Job Description:

1. Exploration of prospective customers in GPS operation, distribution and auto industries;

2. Proficiency in market development and business relationship maintenance with prospective customers;

3. Fulfillment of sales and payment collection tasks;

4. Understanding and timely tracking of market conditions in the distribution, fleet management and auto service areas.

Job Requirements:

1. Education background above college degree; 20 to 30 years old;

2. Experience in teamwork management and cooperation;

3. Keen market insight and accurate customer analytical abilities.

4. Good team training ability and team cohesion.

Resume Submission
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