Solution Overview

The first telematics product designed for individuals, families and small enterprise fleets in China. With the cooperation of global carriers in flow charging and other cooperative services, providing C-end markets with quality 4G network-based on-board information services as well as safe, comfortable and convenient driving experience, making life and vehicles more intelligent.

Meet the strategic development demands of telecom carriers
  • Change its role of traffic channel

  • Expand diversified services

  • Enhance user loyalty

  • Occupy blue sea market

Product Combination

The intelligent on-board terminal provides mobile WiFi in vehicles, and uploads driving data to the cloud server for big data analysis, on this basis, it provides services such as driving behavior analysis, voice interaction, location information, intelligent travel and so on. Meanwhile, owners can enjoy the entertainment experience brought by the mobile network in the car.

Diversified Application Scenes

Connecting people and vehicles, a good helper for driving
Intelligent travel of individuals and families
Intelligent management of small fleets

Security warning

Start security warning on mobile phone after parking to receive real-time warning and monitor vehicle conditions remotely. In the case of any abnormality such as theft, the position of the vehicle can be tracked with one click.

Intelligent voice assistant

Voice interaction can be realized through intelligent voice assistant. Voice control over speaker is possible to receive and make telephone calls, view weather conditions and road conditions, and navigation, so human and vehicles are connected intelligently.

Road side assistance

In the case of any failure or accident, mobile phone can be used to automatically call the road side assistance center.

Driving record

Not only can we obtain the historical driving tracks, mileage, fuel consumption, violation and other data,but we can also check the bad driving behavior data such as harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, and sharp turn.

Fleet managers can manage their fleets on APP or Pad, obtain instant key data of the fleet, eliminate use of vehicles for private purposes, improve vehicle operation safety, increase management efficiency, and reduce management cost.

Develop Telematics Market with TSTT

TSTT is the largest carrier in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, with 115 business branches. In 2017, ChainwayTSP provided TSTT with a Connected Car solution focusing on on-board intelligent terminals. Jointly launched CarHub for families and individual users adopted a “products + flow package” sale model to provide users with safe, comfortable and convenient driving services.


Related On-board intelligent terminals

ChainwayTSP On-board intelligent terminals are applicable to various application scenes to meet different service demands.

168 Pro
WiFi dash cam
  • Technical and brand strength

    With over 10 years of extensive exploration in telematics, the company has mature capability in hardware design and telematics cloud services.

  • Comprehensive customer resources

    On the foundation of global carriers and insurance customers, the company is able to rapidly activate cooperation projects and realize resources connection.

  • Support from Huawei’s global expansion capacity

    Based on the solid overseas cooperative relationship with Huawei, the company is now working together with Huawei to develop the global connected car telematics market.

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