• Installation Interface

    Most models on the market have standard OBD interfaces. For special models, please feel free to contact us at 0755-66830421!

    For vehicles that need to test positioning, platform on-line etc., move to a better signal area such as outdoor space.

  • Installation Guidance

    The device is easy to install and can be installed directly according to the manual and video. And you can also contact the headquarters or apply for a branch office to install on-site.

    The first time you insert a device or a vehicle that does not run for more than two days, the device will perform a cold start and the positioning on the line will be slightly slower, about 3 minutes.

  • How to solve the problem of signal instability and positioning inaccuracy?

    In remote areas and weak signal areas such as underground parking lots and long tunnels, weak signal problems occurred, the compensation mechanism of ChainwayTSP cloud service system will compensate for this route according to Baidu map and platform rules, including positioning, mileage, fuel consumption and other data.

  • What are the reasons for mispositioning and loss of travel?

    The positioning of the device is based on satellite positioning. The terminal of the communication module is a SIM card. It cooperates with operators such as mobile, China Unicom and telecommunications. Satellite positioning may be inaccurate in some areas, the SIM card also has signal reception problems in areas that are not covered by the base station.

  • After-sales service of ChainwayTSP

    24-hour response mechanism, after-sales department, account manager at any time to accept customers’ after-sales demand.

    We promise to respond within 24 hours and give a solution within 72 hours.


    Equipment issues : Quality problem replacement within 1 year, 3 year warranty.

    Software issues: lifetime maintenance, upgrades.

  • Is the platform free?

    ChainwayTSP’s platform is independently developed, maintained, upgraded, including customer storage, backup, query, upgrade personalized requirements, data export, data analysis and so on. Free use in the first year, a certain service charge per year in the later period.

  • The driving score model

    Through the analysis of each person's driving habits, including the driver's bad habits such as sharp turns and rapid acceleration during driving, a set of scoring models is formed. Finally, the driver's driving behavior is judged by the level of the score and safety.


    The driving behavior is not only related to the driver's driving behavior, but also directly related to many external factors, including the location of the vehicle, weather reasons, etc. The driving behavior scoring model is a multi-dimensional analysis model.

  • Vehicle track query time

    The default query is 24 hours, and the longest query is 48 hours.

  • Driving track data retention time

    One year.

  • How to create a driver account?

    Click System Settings and Driver Management, added individually or in batches. The initial password for logging in to the driver version APP is 123456 by default.