Intelligent Transportation

Top-down designed by experts from ChainwayTSP and Huawei across over 60 cities, the intelligent transportation construction solution is made according to the overall strategy of urban transportation development. Planning, designing, and constructing a modularized intelligent transportation systems based on one cloud, two networks and three platforms. Get through urban transportation network, automatically monitor transportation operation status, and share information across departments and areas.

50 Application Components
  • Real-time Vehicle and boat monitoring system

  • Intelligent parking

  • Real-time transportation video collection

  • RFID e-plate system

  • Distribution infrastructure management system

  • Road transportation management system

  • Taxi on-call system

  • New energy dispatching platform

  • Sharing mobility platform

  • V2X intelligent road

  • Transportation status monitoring system

  • Emergency command system

  • Transportation violations snapshot system

  • Transportation volume analysis

  • Space-time passenger flow analysis

Botswana Safe City Project

In 2018, Botswana Police Station (BPS) commences a nationwide “Safe City Project” to reduce the crime rates.

In July, ChainwayTSP won the first-stage bid for “Fleet Management System ERP of Huawei Botswana Safe City Project”. This project aims to help BPS comprehensively monitor and dispatch police vehicles, provide multi-dimensional reports on vehicle data and drivers’ behaviors, and implement police affairs in a safe and efficient manner.

This project is the first step of Bozwana’s intelligent transportation system. The command center, emergency command vehicle, data center, police fleet management, and intelligent video monitoring will be completed subsequently to make the Republic of Botswana a "safer place."

  • Stage 1

    Deploy intelligent fleet management cloud service on all police vehicles involved in the project (over 1600 in total).

  • Stage 2

    Gradually integrate the intelligent fleet management functions such as intelligent command center, emergency command vehicle, data center, and monitoring center.

  • Stage 3

    Develop a new generation of Telematics Intelligent Transportation System based on the IOT Big Data Cloud Platform.

New Intelligent Parking Project

In our cooperation with Shaanxi municipal government on a new intelligent parking project, 30,000 roadside parking spaces are being reconstructed for intelligent parking.

Through ChainwayTSP telematics cloud system and the reconstructed roadside sensors, vehicles can be positioned. Police, insurance, payment and other interfaces can be connected to realize senseless payment of parking fees, remote insurance claims and remote processing of minor transportation accidents, making transportation more efficient and claims more convenient.

Start from parking space to expand intelligent transportation projects in the city.

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