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Fleet Management Platform

Realization of Intelligent Fleet Management

Fleet information

The overall operation status of vehicles will be clearly displayed.

Mileage and fuel consumption

Analysis and statistics of mileage and fuel consumption of the fleet.

Real-time positioning monitoring

Accurate position display of fleet vehicles on the map.

Vehicle track query

View the track of any fleet vehicle at any time and any section.

Statistics of driving scores

View the average, maximum and minimum driving scores at any time.

Export of data report

The various reports will help fleet management to be more refined.

APP for Fleet Manager

Monitor vehicle operation status; manage fleet anytime and anywhere

Real-time vehicle positioning
Monitoring driving status
Security warning
Efficient business communication

APP for Driver

Connect driver and vehicle for a better trip

Mileage fuel consumption record
Real-time vehicle condition warming
Driving behavior optimization
Notice of vehicle violation

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