Solution Overview

  • Provide fine government and enterprise fleet management services, play a strong regulatory effect.

  • Eliminate private use of vehicles and reduce the high operation costs.

  • Form a good enterprise environment and promote the efficiency of operation.

Function Demonstration

  • Set the GEO-fence for real-time track query

    Fences can be set for the entry and exit areas of vehicles to monitor in different time sections and fence categories, so vehicle positions and driving tracks can be queried at any time, and real-time warnings will be sent if there is any vehicle misuse.

  • Analyze mileage and fuel consumption to avoid fuel theft

    Vehicle mileage and fuel consumption will be accurately read and the correlation between mileage, driving behaviors and fuel consumption will be analyzed to identify the cause of high fuel consumption, carry out transparent management and prevent bad atmosphere.

  • Vehicle data statistics and analysis reports

    Regular reports with clear multi-dimensional vehicle data will be provided. For vehicle costs, total vehicle costs, fuel consumption costs, maintenance costs, violations expenses will be listed for effective control of costs.

  • Real-time warning to improve driving safety

    Bad driving behaviors will be recorded and drivers will be scored at each section. The APP will send alarm warnings to the driver in case of any dangerous driving behaviors.

Administration fleet of one of the world’s Top 500 enterprise

  • Background
  • Solutions
  • Results

With its annual global vehicle expenses as high as 130 million USD and vehicles distributed around the world, lacking of scientific and unified management measures, the internal control system cannot be effectively implemented. It is urgent to solve the problem of false overtime and false reporting of mileage, and reduce the cost of administrative vehicles. Since 2014, we have served more than 40,000 vehicles for the enterprise in over 170 countries around the world with our enterprise fleet management service.


1. Overtime work management focusing on mileages: Eliminate unreasonable vehicle dispatching, false overtime report and other issues by data collection and analysis.

2. Combination with the enterprise vehicle system: Help the fleet analyze vehicle operation rules from massive data, standardize vehicle usage and improve vehicle efficiency.

3. Over-speed and traffic violations: Fine or eliminate drivers with extremely low scores according to the platform’s driving behavior scoring model.


Through strict management of driving behaviors, the accident rate is reduced by 18%, saving about RMB 72 million every year with a return on investment of over 900%.

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