The prospects for "Intelligent Transportation" at the 8th Expo

Source: Date:2018-11-06 16:32 Author:admin 2150

The three-day Global Intelligent Economy Summit &The 8th China Intelligent City Technology and Application products Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “ Expo”) opened in Ningbo on September 7th and attracted more than 75,000 visitors.

As one of the organizers and exhibitors of Expo, China Telecom has launched nearly 100 advanced technologies including 5G technology and Internet of Things.

As a strategic partner of China Telecom, ChainwayTSP was invited to join the exhibition to integrate our Fleet Management Cloud Service into its Intelligent City product system. Among them, "fatigue driving detection", "fleet management cloud service system" and other interactive modules, as soon as the opening of the museum attracted guests.


 Zhejiang Satellite TV also PICK's "Active Security Defense System"

During the exhibition, the continuous flow of people assembled at ChainwayTSP booth. The reporters of Zhejiang Satellite TV News Channel also reported on the focus of the guests "active safety defense system".


Add ADAS's commercial vehicle fleet management system, take the initiative safety in their own hands, which prevents the potential dangerous behaviors and situations, and carry out omni-directional monitoring and warning warning from the driver to the vehicle, so as to truly ensure safety. chainwayTSP staff introduced to the reporter.




Intelligent Transportation-one of the most important elements of "Internet Celebrity City"

At the Expo, a large wave of black technology hit, the topic of attracting attention and huge traffic eventually led to 34 contracted projects, with a total investment of about RMB 26.1 billion, allowing Ningbo to further move toward the "Internet Celebrity City."



“Internet Celebrity City” comes with the personalized label “Intelligent Transportation”

At present, ChainwayTSP has cooperated with Ningbo Bus and Ningbo Card to realize the successful implementation of active security defense system in risk fleet management.

On this basis, ChainwayTSP has cooperated with China Telecom to complete the development and implementation of multi-dimensional management application scenarios for thefleet project of Xianju People's Hospital and Yongkang Transportation Bureau.


Through the integration of the industry and resources of the Expo, ChainwayTSP will cooperate with more partners to build an intelligent transportation product system, based on the intelligent transportation technology of telematics, the urban traffic of Ningbo is opened, and realize the automatic perception of the urban traffic operation state. Sharing of cross-departmental and cross-domain information.