Solution Overview

By means of UBI technology and a variety of intelligent hardware access, data on real-time vehicle running status and users’ driving behaviors are collected. Such data collection standard has been directly used by several domestic insurance companies and world famous UBI consulting companies for UBI modeling. It provides insurance companies with technical, data and operation support in user usage scenarios and risk management. More diversified and competitive UBI products have been designed.

  • Driving Data

  • Operating Scene

  • Technical Support

  • Operation Support

Based on OBD
Based on Dash Cam
Based on Mobile Phone Driving Behavior SDK
  • Based on OBD

    Vehicle driving data such as mileage, fuel consumption and multi-dimensional driving behaviors are collected via the OBD intelligent terminal, and they are also uploaded to the telematics cloud service system for the management through mobile network. Meanwhile, they are compatible with insurance related data for big data cleaning, analysis and modeling, providing complete and professional solutions and services for insurance companies to develop UBI products.

  • Based on Dash Cam

    The dash cam solution consists of dash cam , mobile phone APP and cloud service system. As a dash cam provided by ChainwayTSP, it can simultaneously collect driving behavior data and provide more valuable telematics data for insurance companies.

  • Based on Mobile Phone Driving Behavior SDK

    Provide insurance companies with a mobile phone mobile SDK lightweight and customized overall solution. The smart phone sensor is mainly used to obtain the driving data of the vehicle and to establish and optimize the data model through machine learning to judge the driving behavior of the vehicle more accurately so as to accumulate accurate, detailed and diverse driving data.

  • Risk Screening

    Self-selection effect

    Average discount at 15%~30%

    Maximum discount at 35%~50%

  • Claims Decline

    Reduce claims and risk by

    improving driving behavior:

    Average claim rate decreased by 10%

    Maximum claim rate decreased by 90%

  • Customer Retention

    Increase user retention

    Increase user renewal rate up to 40%

  • Precise Pricing

    The big data from insurance telematics are used for accurate risk pricing, with the ability to identify users risks as 10 times by using conventional methods.

A domestic TOP10 insurance company

Vehicle insurance pricing project based on driving behaviors

The insurance company is one of Top 10 domestic property insurance companies. With consideration taken to its future volume of service, claim rates, renewal rates, user loyalty and other factors in its vehicle insurance, in 2015, a special project team personally led by a vice president was established, and has been working together with ChainwayTSP for the development of vehicle insurance pricing project based on driving behaviors. Users are positively encouraged to improve driving behaviors by insurance telematics products + operating approaches, which aim to improve the users’ ability to identify risks and reduce claim rates, and provide acturial and market basis for the subsequent development of its insurance telematics products.


The integrated coverage of users’ products and operation at nearly 95%

5.3 times/week

Frequency of usage: 5.3 times/week


Expired claim rate: reduced by 10%


Users’ renewal rates increased by 14.69%

Related on-board intelligent terminal

ChainwayTSP intelligent vehicles terminals are applicable to various scenes to meet different service demands.

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